Buddha and his wise Disciple | Being resourceful

In a time long ago, when the teachings of the wise and enlightened were cherished, there existed a devoted follower of the great Buddha. This disciple, filled with reverence and hope, approached the revered master, seeking his guidance.

With a gentle smile, Buddha inquired, "What troubles you, my child?" The follower humbly replied, "Lord, my garments have grown old and tattered. They are no longer fit to be worn. I beseech you, please bestow upon me new attire."

Curiously, Buddha examined the disciple's worn-out garment, each thread worn thin by the trials of life. Seeing the true condition, Buddha turned to another follower and commanded them to provide the seeker with fresh clothing. Days passed, and Buddha himself visited the disciple's humble abode.

With genuine curiosity, the enlightened one questioned, "Are you pleased with your new attire? Is there anything else you desire?" The follower, filled with gratitude, joyfully replied, "Thank you, Lord, this garment brings me comfort and contentment. I desire nothing more."

Buddha continued his inquiries, "What have you done with your old garment?" The follower proudly responded, "I have repurposed it into a blanket, Lord. It now serves as a protective covering, shielding me from the elements."

Intrigued, Buddha posed another question, "And what have you done with your old blanket?" The follower humbly replied, "I have transformed it into curtains, Lord. They grace my dwelling, allowing soft light to filter through."

Buddha, delving deeper, asked, "And what became of your old curtains?" The follower, with hands clasped in reverence, answered, "They have been fashioned into four smaller pieces, Lord. They now serve as cleaning cloths, used to dust and maintain my humble abode."

Finally, Buddha inquired, "Then what did you do with those worn-out cloths?" The follower, with a serene smile, responded, "I have transformed them into patches, Lord. They are now stitches that mend torn clothes, both mine and those of others."

Satisfied with the follower's resourcefulness and creativity, Buddha smiled warmly and returned to his own dwelling, content with the disciple's wise and humble actions. And so, the tale of the devoted follower, who transformed old garments into a cycle of purpose and usefulness, spread far and wide, inspiring others to find value in the seemingly insignificant and reminding them that within every ending lies the potential for a new beginning.

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