Interview Preparation- Make sure you know this all

Interview preparation

When you apply for a job at a certain place, you have to go through an interview phase to check whether you are capable for the job or not. Most companies often conduct interviews before selecting candidates. Therefore, it’s important that we have good communication skills and are presentable in the interview. It’s important to make a good preparation before going to interview. A job interview is always a challenge. What questions can you expect from the interviewer? Can you even prepare for the interview and what should you definitely do or avoid during an interview?


The right preparation is essential. Every job interview is structured a little bit differently and the questions depend on the job you applied for. It is very important that you research about the company where you want to be employed before going for an interview. The language policy for national companies could be either in English or in a local language but for international companies the language policy is in English so it is important to practice and have a good knowledge about vocabulary so that you know the correct vocabulary to use at the correct time.

Your employer can also ask you questions about the company where you are applying for so do well and exceptional research about your company.

Difficult questions!

If you have done an exceptional interview preparation and also in your field of work and company then difficult questions should not be a problem for you. Always be honest during interview times. This is especially a thing to keep in mind when your interview asks you about your weakness. Don’t pretend that you don’t have any weaknesses. Every person has weaknesses but during such cases always emphasize the fact that you are constantly working on trying to overcome your weaknesses.

Right outfit!

Always wear the right and presentable outfit when you are going for an interview. The casual clothes that you wear in your day-to-day life or the clothes that you would wear when you go to entertainment places or to meet a friend is to be avoided to wear to go to an interview. In an interview, you should be presented in formal wear. You can score points if you present yourself in blue, black, green, yellow and orange.

Be on time!

When you are going for an interview, you would be meeting your employer for the first time. Hence, your employer will not know what kind of a person you are. Therefore, this is an opportunity to create a first impression. If you reach the place late then no matter how much of a hardworking and sincere person you would be, your employer will have an impression about you that you’re not a punctual person. Therefore, always be on time. Consider reaching the interview location, 1 hour earlier if you live far away from the location. You can spent your time by ordering yourself coffee at the nearest café. If you live near, then reach 30 minutes prior.

Body language!

 Not only your outfit but also your behavior and body language influence the first impression that future employers will get of you. If you sit in front of the interviewer with your arms crossed or bury your head deep into your shoulders, it radiates insecurity and that is exactly what you should avoid! Greet the person interviewing you confidently and with a firm handshake, try to smile, sit up straight, and make an open and warm first impression!


Your appearance speaks for itself, but you have to say a few words about yourself and your abilities too. One thing is particularly important: do not memorize anything and recite it like a poem! Try to make it look as natural as it possibly can be. For many people it is particularly difficult to talk about themselves or to market oneself and one’s skills well, but that’s exactly what it’s all about! Show your unique selling point! Be authentic! Sympathy is just as important as your qualifications! In order to present yourself well, we recommend that you orient yourself to this content structure:


(1)   I am … age, name, origin, degree, previous professional experience

(2)   I can … work experience, special qualifications, great successes or milestones

(3)   I want … motivation for the job, personal and professional goals

At every job interview, there will be a time when you will be asked “Do you have any more questions?” This is an opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of! By asking questions about the company, the cooperation or the actual job, you show interest, prove that you are well prepared and, in the best case, find out more about your possible future employer.


You can think about this in advance. What would you like to know about your future employer? Ethical backgrounds, special products, locations or payment – show that you are interested and that you have already informed yourself extensively in advance!


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